Remote Learning Arrangements

The information within this page is designed to provide information for students who are self-isolating or if college is closed due to Covid measures, as well as their parents and carers.

Springwell Remote Learning Statement

Please read the scenarios below to identify the situation and how to access the work provided:

Scenario 1: A student is at home self-isolating whilst the rest of the year group are still attending college.

In this scenario, teachers will provide work to be completed at home for each lesson that day. Teachers will set work via Teams.  This is the same platform that students used during the second lockdown period.  Teams is available on PCs, laptops and other mobile devices.  If you do not have a suitable device please contact the college via and we will endeavour to support you.

Each teacher will upload their lesson materials onto their Teams area.  The lesson materials are the same as what is being taught in the classroom and completing this work will prevent your child from falling behind. Please check the ‘posts’ section for instructions that will help in completing the task.

The work may not take the full hour to complete.

Students need to complete the work and hand it in to the teacher upon return to college. Teachers will ensure that the lesson is on Teams by the end of the college day. If students are waiting for work to be published, please access the additional learning for:

Scenario 2: The college is closed and all students are at home.

In this scenario, teachers will either be delivering a live lesson via Microsoft Teams or a recorded lesson that students can also access via Microsoft Teams. Students will receive an e-mail invitation to the lesson, which can be accessed via the student’s college e-mail, or in the posts section of Microsoft Teams, students will have been given the link to click on, to access the recorded lesson.

Support for a live lesson

Support to access Microsoft Teams

Please note you do not need to have the Microsoft Teams app installed on your computer to access a live lesson. It will work through any browser.