Homework is important as it helps students to consolidate their learning. 

Homework is set once per week for the core subjects of English, maths and science.  In other subjects homework is set every two to three weeks.

Typically, homework tasks should take 30 minutes to complete.  

Teachers will give a minimum of one week for a homework task to be completed. 

Homework set will be one of two types:   

  1. Homework to prepare for short low stakes tests or other formative assessment.  Successful completion of this type of homework task will be seen in test results.    
  2. Traditional homework – for example, worksheets, booklets etc.  Detentions will be set for non-completion or a very poor attempt of this homework. 

All homework set will be on Go4Schools. This allows teachers, students and parents to keep track of homework deadlines. When appropriate, attachments and/or guidance will be provided on Go4Schools.

Students are asked to make a note of the homework and the deadline in their planners. 

Detentions for non-completion of homework are for 40 minutes and held on the following afternoons:  

  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
Homework detention  Science  Languages, Humanities  English, Technologies, Arts  Maths, PE 

Parents and carers will be informed of these detentions the day before the detention takes place.