Year 9 Options

This page contains all of the information and links that you need to make an informed choice about which subjects to study at Key Stage 4 and is designed to support the options evening and assemblies that you will receive in college.

The Options Booklet provides you with detailed information on the various subjects that you may wish to study at Key Stage 4.  There are also links to instructions on how to complete the options process on-line and to the college’s careers advisor, should you need advice regarding a particular career.

If you have any questions relating to a particular subject please e-mail the relevant Faculty Leader (emails below).  If you have a general enquiry or need help with entering your options online please email

Faculty Subjects:

Languages Faculty: Spanish

Humanities Faculty: Geography, History, Religious Education

Technologies Faculty: Design Technology, Food, Computing, Media,

PE Faculty: PE BTEC, Health & Social Care

Science Faculty: Triple Science

Arts Faculty: Dance, Drama, Music, Performing Arts

Arts Faculty: Art