Our talented Year 9 student, Hannah, recently entered a national competition, organised by Young Writers, titled ‘The Glitch’.  Young People were given the opportunity to write a 100 word short story using the title of ‘The Glitch’ as inspiration.  Hannah’s entry was incredible and it has been selected as a winning entry and will be published in April.  We are exceptionally proud of Hannah and believe that she has great future ahead of her as a writer.  Young Writers run competitions throughout the year for different age groups.

If you have been inspired by Hannah, Two Counties Trust are also providing students with an opportunity to be a published writer. It is open to all students in The Two Counties Trust, and can be in any genre or form such as prose fiction, poetry, or non-fiction. It must link to the theme of ‘ambition’ and have extremely high-standards of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. It must also be a maximum of five-hundred words. Students need to submit their entry to their English teacher by Friday, 19th April 2024.  The Ambition Anthology will be published later this year.