On Thursday 28th April, 10 Springwell students visited St Edmund Hall at Oxford University.

We were guided by Eve who completed her studies last year and were given a very interesting talk about Oxford and it’s history and how the college system functions. Student finance was explained as well as issues regarding the incredible support they offer their students.

Eve came from a school very similar to Springwell, just outside Nottingham. She was able to talk to students about how she felt going to Oxford. She discussed the elitist past that the University had and all the work that they are doing now to change it. 70% of students who enrol are now from state schools. The top universities really are open to students from all backgrounds, that became very obvious.

We were treated to a 3-course meal, then a visit to The Pitt Rivers Museum and The Natural History Museum. We were also given a tour of the University by one of the student ambassadors. We were all amazed at how beautiful it was, with some of the buildings being built in the 1200s. It is a very attractive place to live and study.