The Arts at Springwell aim to prepare students to be culturally aware and creatively open-minded citizens in a world where the diverse range of visual and expressive arts are an important influence in everyday life. It does this by: 

  • Providing insight into range of visual and expressive, cultural and creative experiences  
  • Challenging students to use a range of arts disciplines, materials and techniques.  
  • Creating an understanding of the impacts of creative subjects within the wider world.   
  • Giving students the vocabulary and technical know-how that allows them to communicate and express their creativity.  
  • Appreciation of the arts in the wider context of different cultures, genres and historical settings.   

Key Stage 3

Provides a structured sequence of lessons to give a grounding in knowledge and skills that allow students to function as effective and confident performers now and, in the future, as well as preparing them to study music during Key Stage 4 and beyond. The course will include:  

  • Knowledge and understanding of the elements of music  
  • Listening and appreciation of music  
  • Understanding notation  
  • Composition skills and knowledge  
  • Keyboard skills and knowledge  
  • Building confidence as a performer  
  • Knowledge of music within the historical and wider cultural context 

Key Stage 4

Creates a sequence of lessons to build upon the knowledge and skills developed at Key Stage 3. The aim is to effectively prepare students for assessment at the end of Year 11, as well as equipping them to study the qualification at a higher level. The course will include:  

  • Musical knowledge and ability to articulate their thoughts and feelings about music, using the appropriate industry & theoretical language  
  • Knowledge of different musical styles and the various distinctive traits that comprise them.   
  • Build a wider contextual and theoretical knowledge of contemporary music through analysis of key stylistic and musical elements present within contemporary music.  
  • Understand how to maximise their ongoing development as an instrumentalist.   
  • Develop the confidence to complete a full live performance project, including planning, rehearsal, performance andevaluation.