Media at Springwell aims to prepare students in an ever-changing technological world.  The media play a central role in contemporary society and culture. They shape our perceptions of the world through the representations, viewpoints and messages they offer.  

It does this by:  

Preparing students to have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the media. 

The media have real relevance and importance in our lives today, providing us with ways to communicate, with forms of cultural expression and the ability to participate in key aspects of society. The economic importance of the media is also unquestionable. The media industries employ large numbers of people worldwide and operate as commercial industries on a global scale. The global nature of the contemporary media, coupled with ongoing technological developments and more opportunities to interact with the media, suggest that their centrality in contemporary life can only increase.  

Key Stage 4

Media at Springwell enables learners to:  

  • demonstrate skills of enquiry, critical thinking, decision-making and analysis  
  • acquire knowledge and understanding of a range of important media issues  
  • develop appreciation and critical understanding of the media and their role both historically and currently in society, culture and politics  
  • understand and apply specialist subject-specific terminology to analyse and compare media products and the contexts in which they are produced and consumed in order to make informed arguments, reach substantiated judgements and draw conclusions about media issues  
  • appreciate how theoretical understanding supports practice and practice supports theoretical understanding  
  • develop practical skills by providing opportunities for creative media production.