Food at Springwell aims to prepare students with the practical skills and nutritional knowledge to enable them to become involved citizens in contemporary food issues, as well as providing an insight into the hospitality and catering industry sector. It does this by:

  • Equipping students with the nutritional knowledge required to understand healthy lifestyles. 
  • Challenging students to think analytically, creatively and critically. 
  • Creating an understanding on the impacts of the food industry as well as food choices on sustainability issues and wider society. 
  • Providing students with the opportunity through practical work to build on their fine motor skills and enabling them to build confidence to support them to cook dishes from scratch.

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 Food is mainly about cooking and practical skills as well as a basic understanding of nutrition and health issues. This then prepares students for the knowledge and skills required for Key Stage 4.  

  • Building knowledge about the Eatwell Guide and nutrients. 
  • How food effects wider society and food choices.  
  • Encouraging independence in practical lessons.  
  • Deepening knowledge on nutrition in preparation for Key Stage 4. 
  • Encouraging students to analyse ingredients and methods. 

Key Stage 4

Students are studying Hospitality and Catering Level 2. There are two units for this course, the practical exam and associated course work and a summative written exam. The vast majority of work undertaken for the exam is focussed on business and the industry.  

  • In depth investigations into the structure of not just hospitality, but the catering industry as well. 
  • Empowering students with the knowledge about employment law, health and safety and food hygiene standards for future learning and employment. 
  • Building on organisational/independence skills to enable students to undertake a 4 hour practical exam. 
  • Equipping students with the knowledge about sustainability issues so that they can take part in wider debate about contemporary issues.