English at Springwell aims to prepare students to be articulate and empathetic communicators; to provide students with a skillset required for the ever-evolving professional climate. It does this by: 

  • Equipping students to become confident and expressive oral communicators with a broad vocabulary, in a range of formal and informal situations. 
  • Engaging students with a breadth of literature across the ages. 
  • Encouraging students to become creative, dynamic and effective writers with a broad range of vocabulary and a high level of technical accuracy. 

Key Stage 3

A journey of exploration designed to promote a passion for a lifelong love of English, in order to yield high quality communicators. 

  • To equip students with a range of terminology that can be applied across a variety of contexts. 
  • To ensure spelling, punctuation and grammar is used consistently with accuracy. 
  • To become habitual readers with appropriately matched and enjoyable texts. 
  • To explore a range of writing styles for a variety of audiences.

Key Stage 4

A structured sequence of lessons that builds upon the foundations laid in Key Stage 3.  Fostering independent analytical and autonomous learners in order to produce high quality communicators.

  • To encourage fluency of analytical approaches. 
  • To ensure a consistent high level of technical accuracy across all mediums. 
  • To become informed, critical and evaluative readers. 
  • To employ a wide range of writing styles to suit audience and purpose.