The Arts at Springwell aim to prepare students to be culturally aware and creatively open-minded citizens in a world where the diverse range of visual and expressive arts are an important influence in everyday life. It does this by: 

  • Providing insight into range of visual and expressive, cultural and creative experiences  
  • Challenging students to use a range of arts disciplines, materials and techniques.  
  • Creating an understanding of the impacts of creative subjects within the wider world.   
  • Giving students the vocabulary and technical know-how that allows them to communicate and express their creativity.  
  • Appreciation of the arts in the wider context of different cultures, genres and historical settings.   

Key Stage 3

Provides a structured sequence of lessons to give a grounding in knowledge and skills that develop students as creative performers both now and in the future, as well as preparing them to study Dance as a qualification at Key Stage 4 and beyond. The course will include: 

  • Practical and theoretical understanding of performance, choreography and the rehearsal process. 
  • Develop an appreciation of the art form and skills needed.  
  • The impact of an aesthetically pleasing performance for the audience and the performer.  
  • Exploration of the different dance styles and genre.  

Key Stage 4

Creates a sequence of lessons to build upon the knowledge and skills developed at Key Stage 3. The aim is to deepen a student’s exploration of dance and challenge their concepts and viewpoints to enable them to become thinking dancers, as well as equipping them to study the qualification at a higher level. The course will include:  

  • An in-depth investigation into the performing arts with specific understanding of production and how it contributes to audience understanding.  
  • The application of knowledge, techniques and skills needed as a performer and choreographer. 
  • Develop an understanding and awareness of dancers and their impact within the discipline.   
  • Develop the knowledge and understanding of the skills required to perform to a brief.