Students from all TTCT schools came together as one team at the prestigious Wardwick Museum and Art Gallery. This was the Trust’s second major event in honour of Black History Month, which students took part in to become anti-racism ambassadors.

This year’s national theme was ‘Celebrating our sisters’ and this was brilliantly shown with a performance by Cara Thompson, a performer, activist and writer.  The session started with a discussion around the theme topic and what black history means.  The students then got to all become part of history as they each contributed a line in a poem that Cara later performed.

Students were invited to listen to the impressive and very inspirational words of Dr Onyeka Nubia who is a prominent black historian and writer.  He spoke to the young people about how black history is a big part of all history, especially in Britain, and gave lots of examples and sent the students away with lots to research and think about.

The students finished the day with an interactive workshop with questions to think about going forward, which encouraged them to start their journeys to becoming ambassadors within college, and to help them understand what it takes to be an up-stander and act against racism.