The student council have been busy in the research and development phase of this year’s project to establish our five houses: Roundhouse, Revolution, Hardwick, Chatsworth, and Spire.

Hardwick student council representatives from Year 7 to Year 10 visited Hardwick House to explore its history and seek inspiration for their house identity, gaining valuable insight from the guides, along with the expert knowledge of our own top historian and Head of Humanities, Miss Fisher.

Spire student council representatives visited the Crooked Spire, where local historian Dave Morley gave a fantastic hour-long tour, including the opportunity to go up the tower and into the spire itself, exploring the reasons for its unique shape, and also a wider exploration of Chesterfield’s fascinating history.

Chatsworth and Revolution student councils welcomed Kerry Fernandez from the Chatsworth estate and Charlotte Mitchell from Chesterfield Borough Council, who both gave fantastic presentations on the rich history surrounding the iconic Chatsworth House and Revolution House.

Along with last term’s Roundhouse trip to Barrow Hill Roundhouse, all five house councils have now had the inspiration to develop their house identities – look out for their branding as we approach Sports Day 2024!